Today, we’re excited to open source GitHub Docs at

Being a developer means always learning, and great docs can be like rocket fuel. They’re there when you need them, helping you learn and get the most of new features, troubleshoot problems, and get you back to writing code. Millions of developers rely on GitHub every day. We know how important great docs are to you, and we’ve been at work improving them. In July, we launched a new site at, a single place where you can find all you need about GitHub. Using Actions with Python? Building a GitHub App or using the GraphQL API? Looking to get the most out of GitHub Issues? It’s all there. Every day, we’re adding new guides and docs for different ways you can use GitHub features. We’re also improving how information is organized on the site so you can find what you need when you need it.

To make GitHub Docs the best they can be, we know we need to work in the open, with all of you, so that we can stay better in sync with your feedback, ideas, and collective knowledge. The best way to do that is to work in public. That’s why we’re open sourcing GitHub Docs, and opening it up to your feedback and contributions.

Start contributing today

Everyone using GitHub has a different perspective on what works. We want to make GitHub Docs articles work for all developers who are coming to them from different backgrounds. This is why we’re accepting contributions in many different ways.


Here are just a few ways that anyone in the open source community can get started contributing:

  • Directly from  If you see something in while you’re reading articles that you’d like to change, open a PR right from the article
  • Join a discussion: If you have a great idea, or a question, join us in a discussion
  • Open an issue:  If you see something that could use an update, open an issue
  • Open a pull request:  If you see an issue you’d like to tackle, open a pull request

Help us build the future of Docs

This is just the beginning of our open source efforts. We’d love to:

  • Create a new section of docs, focusing on recipes and other community generated content
  • Accept contributions for translated content
  • What else? Open a discussion and let us know how we can impact the way you learn about GitHub!

People learn in many different ways. The only way for us to make docs a tool for everyone is by taking in the variety of ways that developers use them. We’ve very excited to see your ideas and contributions to!