You may have noticed a major update to the look and feel of the GitHub Support Community! We moved the forum to a new platform to bring a much improved forum experience to you. Here are a few features we’re super excited about:

Open source

Open source software (OSS) is the foundation of GitHub. We’re happy to announce that we transitioned to Discourse’s open source community platform and we’re excited to partner with the Discourse team. This partnership provides our community with a number of features that are proven to have a positive user experience. There’s also the added bonus of working with the open source community, which gives us the benefit of all sorts of community-created plugins, themes, UI components, and more!

Great Markdown support

We know how important Markdown is when using GitHub and we’re excited to be able to provide the same quality editing experience to the Support Community.

The Support Community now offers CommonMark Markdown with the same GitHub-flavored Markdown- extensions, making your editing experience between the Support Community and GitHub seamless. It’s now a lot easier to share code snippets and other information—just like you’re used to on GitHub.

Better responsive design

Even if you use a desktop or laptop as your primary computer, you likely check messages across all sorts of devices. It should be easy to search for support regardless of the device you’re using. Now, the new GitHub Support Community design is even more responsive, boasting a more robust experience on mobile and tablet devices than you’ve experienced before.

Other UX improvements

Along with this platform change, there are many other improvements to make your entire community experience more intuitive—and delightful! While we can’t list them all, we’re especially excited about…

  • Making posts easier to read and reply to
  • An improved search function
  • Easy code snippet sharing
  • A fully customizable personal reading experience
  • …and so much more!

Join our community

If you aren’t familiar with the GitHub Support Community, check out the rich, new experience! If you’re already a community member, we really hope these changes make your experience so much better.

Do you have a question about the Support Community? Let us know—we’d love to help you.

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