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GitHub Enterprise now available from the AWS Marketplace

GitHub's listing was announced at AWS re:Invent this year in the Global Partner Summit keynote. Now you can get GitHub Enterprise through the AWS Marketplace, making it easier to purchase for compliance or budget reasons.

GitHub Enterprise now available from the AWS Marketplace

May 12, 2021 update: GitHub Enterprise and related products are no longer available for purchase through the AWS Marketplace. If you’re interested in GitHub Enterprise, Advanced Security, or other products, please contact our Sales team!

With over 42 million developers on GitHub, we have many users that also rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’ve also received feedback that you may want to purchase GitHub Enterprise through the AWS Marketplace for compliance or budgetary reasons—and now you can.

The GitHub Enterprise listing in the AWS Marketplace was announced at the AWS re:Invent Global Partner Summit. It was one of a few mentioned by Dave McCann during the keynote section covering 100 new Q4 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

What are my options?

Because choice is important, our AWS Marketplace listing gives customers options to choose from: 

  • Self-serve for standard purchases of GitHub Enterprise Cloud
  • Custom orders, including GitHub Enterprise Cloud (SaaS), GitHub Enterprise Server (on-prem, including in your AWS VPC), premium support levels, or services.

Contact us to discuss custom solutions

Why AWS Marketplace?

Many customers have given us feedback that they prefer to make purchases through the AWS Marketplace for consolidated billing or because they have AWS Enterprise agreements. For example, AWS Enterprise Discount Plan (EDP) customers can use their credits to purchase GitHub Enterprise through the AWS Marketplace.

Working together

We look forward to working closely with the AWS Marketplace and sales teams, our GitHub Partners, and directly with our customers to continuously improve the GitHub Enterprise experience on AWS.

Check out our AWS Marketplace listing or contact our sales team for information on purchasing a custom order.

Learn more about AWS re:Invent

Interested in bringing GitHub Enterprise to your organization?

Start your free trial for 30 days and increase your team’s collaboration. $21 per user/month after trial expires.

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