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Celebrate seven years of GitHub Education with new features and #MyFirstRepo

GitHub Education is celebrating seven years. We’re reflecting on how our first repository led us to our current accomplishments and what you can expect from us this fall.

Celebrate seven years of GitHub Education with new features and #MyFirstRepo

Your first repository on GitHub is a special one. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for you as a student, aspiring developer, teacher, or a seasoned developer. You continued to add to the story with every line of code. You may have met new friends along the way who also contributed to this story. You were there at the very start of that repository and chronicled its journey to what it is today. You put this story out into the world where others could read it and even add their own chapters. 

Like you, GitHub Education started with a single repository. In many instances, the first maintainer of this repository shared a similar story: They were faced with many questions, roadblocks, ideas, and goals. We looked to the education community for guidance, and soon, the story of our repository began to unfold.

With your help and feedback, we created:

There’s more to come

We’re grateful to celebrate seven years of GitHub Education, but there’s still a great deal of work to be done. The GitHub Education Team is deepening our commitment to the education community with a wave of new offerings:

  • New learning modules for the Campus Advisor Program to prepare teachers to teach with Git, GitHub, and other industry tools in their classroom 
  • The Campus Advisor Professional Development Network, which allows certified Campus Advisors to request support for professional development from GitHub Education
  • Free access to Stack Overflow for Teams for GitHub Campus Program participants
  • New GitHub Student Developer Pack partner offers
  • A new partnership with Hack Club to bring more computer science resources to high schools
  • New GitHub Classroom features like sync-able class rosters from learning management systems for teachers

GitHub Education started with one repository, one maintainer, and many ideas, but we eventually grew because of the community. Happy seven-year anniversary to our students, teachers, alumni, and friends in the future who will be part of our story.

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Share your first repository

To celebrate seven years, we want to hear about your first repository. If you’re a verified GitHub Education student or faculty member, share the story of your first GitHub repository for a chance to win a GitHub Education backpack. Post about your first repository on Twitter, mention @GitHubEducation, and include the hashtag #MyFirstRepo by October 15 at midnight PT to enter.

Check out #MyFirstRepo on Twitter

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