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GitHub Enterprise Server 2.18 is here

See what’s new for project management, security, and the developer experience with our latest Enterprise Server release.

GitHub Enterprise Server 2.18 is here

From flexible deployment options to data-powered security, there are lots of reasons teams love using GitHub Enterprise. With our latest Enterprise Server release, we’re helping teams build even better with some important updates to project management tools, security features, and the developer experience.

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Simplified project management

Repository templates

Repository templates give admins the ability to mark a repository they own or have write access to as a “template repository,” allowing anyone with access to the repository to generate a new repository with the same directory structure and files.

Learn more about template repositories

Issue transfer

Issue transfer allows admins to move issues, along with the associated metadata, to a new repository and remove the previous issue—all in one step.

Learn more about transferring issues

Assignable commenters

Assignable commenters allows maintainers with write access to assign an issue or pull request to anyone who has commented on it, regardless of their organization membership or repository permissions.

Learn more about assigning issues

Milestones on project cards

If an issue or pull request belongs to a milestone, the name of the milestone will now display on the project card and in the project card details sidebar. You can add or remove an issue or pull request from milestones using the details sidebar, and filter your project cards by milestones using the search bar.

Learn more about project boards

Enhanced security

Dependency graph supports yarn.lock files

Expanded dependency graph support adds security alerts to projects that rely on “yarn.lock” files. GitHub security alerts help developers stay on top of vulnerabilities that impact their dependencies. JavaScript developers already receive alerts for their NPM-based projects that use package.json and package-lock.json manifests. Now developers who use Yarn for dependency management will also receive security alerts for any vulnerable dependencies listed in their yarn.lock manifests.

Access to audit log data

Expanded capability with audit logs gives admins the ability to see changes to settings for organizations and repositories, see when PAT and SSH are being used to access information within an organization, and see when there’s a change in organization and repository membership.

More transparency

Auto-watch improvements

If you create a user-owned repository, you will now be automatically watching it for updates. In addition, forks will no longer be automatically watched, even if you are granted push access.

Gist notifications

You can now receive notifications for new conversations occurring on gists. Similar to issues and pull requests, you can opt out of these notifications at any time.

Show commenters’ full names

Organization admins can now choose to display their members’ full names in comments on private repositories.

Learn more

To see the full list of GitHub Enterprise updates, check out our release notes.

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