Eighth annual js13kGames challenge

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Challenge your JavaScript skills in the eighth annual js13kGames competition, a game jam for web developers, game developers, and anyone who wants to challenge themselves to create something fun using JavaScript.

What is js13kGames?

Js13kGames is a month-long JavaScript coding competition organized by @end3r. Running since 2012, it challenges participants to create a game in 13 kilobytes or less of JavaScript-based on a theme that’s announced at the start of the competition.

Developers of all skill levels are welcome to participate. It’s a great excuse to learn or level up your JavaScript and game development skills—all while having fun with sharing your ideas.

This year’s details

The event kicks off on August 13 when the theme is announced. From there, participants have one month to build a game inspired by the theme—but there’s a catch. All submissions are limited to just 13 kilobytes after minification and compression.

Follow @jsk13kGames or visit the website on August 13, 13:00 CEST for the theme announcement. You can also use the hashtag #js13k to see how others are doing and to share your progress.

It’s dangerous to go alone—take this

Not sure how to get started? These hints and tips on how to make the most of 13 kilobytes and this collection of resources should help you start your 13 kilobyte masterpiece. Want a more hands-on approach? Get right to it with these tutorials:

Did you know? We were thrilled that you created almost 300 games with last year’s theme “offline”. <3

Join the fun on August 13

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