Update 11/19/19: Pull Panda is now integrated into your GitHub experience. Learn more about code review assignment and scheduled reminders for pull requests.

We’re excited to share some big news: we’ve acquired Pull Panda to help teams create more efficient and effective code review workflows on GitHub. Better code reviews mean better code for software teams of all sizes, whether you work in open source or on a Fortune 500 team. However, fast-moving teams can run into delays as pull requests pile up and fall through the cracks. Teams need a better way to manage reviews, reduce turnaround times, and ship code faster.

Pull Panda helps thousands of teams work together on code and improve their process along the way by combining three features: Pull Reminders, Pull Analytics, and Pull Assigner.

  • Pull Reminders: Get a nudge in Slack when a collaborator needs your review. Automatic reminders ensure that pull requests never slip through the cracks.
  • Pull Analytics: From wait times to top contributors, get real-time insight into the effectiveness of your team’s process. Then make data-driven improvements that create a more transparent and accountable culture.
  • Pull Assigner: Automatically distribute code across your team, so no one gets overloaded and knowledge gets spread around.

Hear more about the product from Nat Friedman and Pull Panda’s founder and creator, Abi Noda:

All three of these are now available for free as one GitHub Marketplace application: Pull Panda. We plan to integrate these features into GitHub but hope you’ll start benefiting from them right away. We’d love to hear what you think as we continue to improve how developers work together on GitHub.

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