We’re excited to announce team synchronization, a new way for teams to manage GitHub at scale and sync groups across Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and GitHub teams. Team synchronization will be available to Azure AD administrators in beta later this month—and we’ll continue to extend the functionality to other supported identity providers, so more organizations can take advantage of it.

Interested in trying team synchronization before launch? It’s now available in limited beta to organizations using GitHub Enterprise Cloud and Azure AD.

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Demonstration of team synchronization setup

Setting up teams provides a simple way to manage developer access across repositories and other GitHub resources. At the same time, many enterprises use Azure AD Security Groups to manage resource access to groups of developers working on an application.

This release syncs Azure AD with the teams you’ve set up on GitHub, so you can assign a set of access permissions to all the members of a group, instead of providing rights one by one. You’ll be able to assign one or more Azure AD groups to a team within GitHub and automatically keep membership synchronized in one, up-to-date place. In addition to speeding up administration, having just one place to manage users helps strengthen security and audit compliance.

What’s next? Look out for more ways to make syncing teams easier on GitHub.