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Create your own course on GitHub Learning Lab

Share what you know—public course authoring is now available on GitHub Learning Lab.

GitHub Learning Lab

Last week marked GitHub Learning Lab’s first birthday. To celebrate, we’re releasing the most requested new feature: community authored courses.

As a member of the GitHub community, we know you love to share your knowledge. You do it through videos, tutorials, courses, and sample code. Now, you can add Learning Lab’s bot-supported courses to your training toolkit.

Who uses Learning Lab?

Learning Lab has attracted learners from every corner of the globe. Some are taking their first steps in software development, while others are here to learn new skills. In just this last year, Learning Lab users have started more than 85,000 courses to learn everything from making their first commit and solving their first merge conflict, to setting up a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline.

We’re in awe of the community’s excitement for learning, and we’re eager to see what they will learn from you. By creating courses on Learning Lab, knowledge can flow freely between project maintainers, contributors, and users. New technologies can be trained quickly and at scale, allowing anyone to onboard new team members with ease.

Why should you create a course?

Whether you’re creating courses to help others learn a skill you once struggled with, a professor helping students create their first app, or a learning and development professional using a bot for the first time, creating a course on Learning Lab can help.

We built Learning Lab because we saw a need for hands-on training that was more accessible for course authors and learners. We know you pour your heart and soul into the tutorials, videos, and sample code you release, but how do you know if it’s making a difference? Is anyone reading it? Are they following the steps? Are they mastering new concepts using your explanations?

Learning Lab can now help you answer these questions and more. You can see how many people have started your course, how many have completed each step, and how many have finished the entire course. You can even see where learners get stuck, allowing you to improve the course instantly for future learners.

How to get started

Anyone with a GitHub account can now create courses on Learning Lab. Get started by watching our video series, following the documentation, or taking the Write a Learning Lab course.

We are also hosting two live webcasts on how to build Learning Lab courses:

  • Register: May 7, 2019, at 1:00 pm ET
  • Register: May 28, 2019, at 10:00 am ET (4:00 pm CEST)

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