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Release Radar · January 2019

Welcome to the January 2019 edition of Release Radar, where we share new and exciting releases from world-changing technologies to weekend side projects. Most importantly, they’re all projects shipped by you.

Release Radar · January 2019

Welcome to the January 2019 edition of Release Radar, where we share new and exciting releases from world-changing technologies to weekend side projects. Most importantly, they’re all projects shipped by you.

From smart charts to clever chat bots, here are some exciting projects that have kicked off 2019 with a new release.

gotop 2.0

gotop is a terminal-based graphical activity monitor providing the ability to monitor your processes’ CPU and memory use, among other things. The newest version adds battery monitoring, documentation updates, and bug fixes.

gotop 2.0 screenshot

Learn more about goTop 2.0

Anime 3.0

Anime is a library that helps you animate CSS, SVG, DOM attributes, and JavaScript objects. The latest 3.0 release introduces new easing functions, more hooks for animation states, a project website, bug fixes, and more.

Learn more about Anime 3.0

Did you know? Anime is a Japanese term meaning animation.

Syncthing 1.0

Syncthing helps you synchronize files and directories between computers and mobile devices. Syncthing is celebrating version 1.0 “Graduation Day,” and its maintainers wrote about what it means to get to 1.0. “Much like a black belt in martial arts, it doesn’t indicate that you’ve learned all there is to know, a 1.0 version doesn’t mean Syncthing is done. There is a lot left to do and learn.”

Learn more about Syncthing 1.0

Dejavu 3.0

Dejavu a tool that helps you import and explore data with Elasticsearch. Its maintainers describe it as a “missing web UI for Elasticsearch”. The latest 3.0 version is a significant rewrite of Dejavu that improves overall performance, introduces new ways to filter and inspect data, and adds the option to connect to multiple indexes.

Learn more about Dejavu 3.0

Did you know? You can try out Dejavu using public data sets of Hacker News posts and popular movies.

VSCodeVim 1.0

VSCodeVim combines things you already know and love from Vim in Visual Studio Code, like modal editing. Similarly to Syncthing, VSCodeVim is celebrating its 1.0 release, marking three years of development. The latest version includes bug fixes and refactors debugging configuration.

Learn more about VSCodeVim 1.0

Amplitude.js 4.0

AmplitudeJS is an HTML5 audio player that helps you create custom controls. Check out their gallery of examples to see what you can do with it—the possibilities are limitless. Version 4.0 helps you create visualizations using Web Audio APIs, hook into audio events, and more.

AmplitudeJS screenshot

Learn more about Amplitude.js 4.0

ApexCharts 3.0

ApexCharts helps you use JavaScript to make elegant, interactive charts. The latest 3.0 release introduces bug fixes and several improvements to the project’s build system.

ApexCharts examples

Learn more about ApexCharts 3.0

Hue 4.0

Hue is a Swift library that helps you add a splash of color to your app, including creating colors from hex values, making gradients, and getting color components. Hue 4.0 upgrades to the latest version of Swift, adds new color component properties, and fixes bugs.

Learn more about Hue 4.0

TypeIt 6.0

TypeIt is a fun JavaScript library that animates typing text with customizable speed, looping, and overwritten text. This release, appropriately named “Big New Release,” unveils a new API and support for form inputs, plus the library now uses contemporary JS features like async and await.

Learn more about TypeIt 6.0

ChatterBot 1.0

ChatterBot is a tool that uses machine learning to help developers create chatbots that can speak any language. This release follows several alpha releases, and introduces a way for bots to convert units (such as from miles to kilometers), reduced time complexity for corpus training, and more.

Learn more about ChatterBot 1.0

The Lounge 3.0

The Lounge is a modern web IRC client designed for self-hosting. The latest release is the biggest to date, so be sure to check it out (version control pun intended).

“Almost a year in the making, 1500+ commits, 650+ merged PRs, and 30+ contributors, The Lounge v3.0.0 really is the release of all the superlatives. It ships some of our most-upvoted and longest-awaited feature requests, with significant improvements all across the board, and a brand new documentation website.”

The Lounge 3.0 screenshot

Learn more from the release notes

That’s just a handful of releases you shipped last month—keep them coming! If you’ve got a release that should be on our radar, send us a note.

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