Around the world, 20,000 teachers use GitHub Classroom to integrate real-world workflows in their classrooms, collect assignments, and reduce administrative friction.

Under the hood, Classroom uses organizations to store course content and hold student assignments. With the latest update to GitHub Classroom, we’ve made it easier for you to stay organized with support for multiple classrooms per organization.

Now, if your school shares an organization, you may associate as many Classrooms with it as you like. Create multiple sections for teaching assistants, or store common course materials for your entire department to use.

Teachers, we hear you

We’ve heard teachers ask to use one organization for all of their classrooms—across several of their own courses, or to share course materials with members of their department, or to keep all of their school’s courses under the awning of one organization.

Creating one organization for each classroom was inefficient, and we want to make the experience effortless for you.

We hope this change will greatly improve your workflow and free up your time to get back to helping students. Have additional feature requests? Classroom is an open source project, and we welcome contributions.

Creating multiple Classrooms within one organization

  1. Sign into Classroom and click New classroom.
  2. Choose a GitHub organization for your new classroom.
  3. Enter a name for your classroom and click Continue.
  4. Optional step: to see a list of all of your classrooms, click the GitHub Classroom logo to return to the dashboard.

And that’s it! Your new classroom is ready for you to create an assignment.

The process of creating multiple Classrooms within one organization

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