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Announcing the Content Attachments API

Use the Content Attachment API to add more context to issues and pull requests.

Announcing the Content Attachments API

All of us share a lot of links on GitHub. In fact, nearly one-third of comments on issues and pull requests include a link. Hidden behind each of those links is important context that can inform the conversation. But each link that navigates you away from the conversation represents a context switch that reduces your focus and the timesaving benefits of productivity tools.

With the Content Attachments API (now in beta) and the growing ecosystem of GitHub Apps, content behind each URL can be embedded directly in the conversation you’re having on GitHub. Apps using the Content Attachments API help developers and their teams stay focused on what matters most: shipping beautiful code—all within GitHub.

New apps using the Content Attachments API

We’re excited to introduce you to four new GitHub Apps that use the Content Attachments API to help you communicate visually, file bugs, plan your projects, and document your system.


RunKit solves the “it works on my computer” problem by making it easy for you to file reproducible and runnable bug reports for Node.js projects. RunKit notebooks package a full environment within a container and can be shared with a URL to give project maintainers access. With RunKit and the Content Attachments API, a RunKit link in an issue or pull request now shows the contents of the entire notebook and its output.

RunKit in action

Install RunKit Notebook


Sometimes your team just needs to stand in front of a whiteboard to work through the details of an idea. LeanBoard brings this collaborative experience to remote teams across a shared board of sticky notes. Now, with Leanboard and the Content Attachments API, you can drop a link in an issue or pull request to preserve the conversation. Even better, screenshots in content attachments are updated automatically (every five minutes) as the board changes.

LeanBoard in action

Install LeanBoard


Sometimes visual communication is the most efficient way to quickly and clearly communicate an idea or concept. CloudApp brings the human connection back to digital workflows through video messaging, screen recording, screenshot annotation, and GIF creation. With CloudApp and the Content Attachments API, you can paste a URL to render a GIF or screenshot in your issue and ensure that your teams have clear visual context to resolve issues faster.

CloudApp in action

Install CloudApp


Use Lucidchart individually, or as part of a team to create and share architecture diagrams, mockups, user flows, and other visuals. These help communicate an idea visually, and clarify how applications and systems should function. With Lucidchart and the Content Attachments API, you can now add these visuals to a GitHub issue and, unlike static diagrams, they update as your system evolves.

Lucidchart in action

Install Lucidchart

Showcase your content on GitHub

The Content Attachments API brings the work behind your code to the forefront on GitHub. We can’t wait to see how you use it to bring more context to your conversations about software development.

Check out the partner apps and tell us what you think. Ready to make your own app? Head over to the Developer Blog to start building with the Content Attachments API.

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