Teachers tell us they love using GitHub Classroom for deeper insight into student work.

Classroom makes it easy for teachers to set up their courses on GitHub. The tool automatically creates student repositories and allows you to track assignments right from your dashboard.

It’s helped teachers at Loyola Marymount, Cal Poly, Rice University, and Johns Hopkins use real-world workflows in their courses. In the words of one teacher: “GitHub Classroom takes the intimidation out of using GitHub for noobs.”

As of this week, students have submitted over three million coding assignments using Classroom.

Thank you, Classroom Assistant

But when you have dozens—or even hundreds—of students’ work to grade, you need a simple way to get every repository into one place. Manually cloning each repository eats up precious hours you could spend with students.

Now you can save time and get right to the code. Classroom Assistant allows you to easily download all the repositories in your course.

Downloading assignments in GitHub Classroom Assistant

It’s a cross-platform desktop application, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download 500 student assignments—or more—to your local machine with the click of a button.

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