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Get hands on at Universe 2018

Everything you need to know to make the most of your Universe conference experience.

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GitHub Universe is just under a month away. With the countdown officially on, we’re excited to share all of the things you need to know for Universe 2018. Our complete schedule of Universe sessions and speakers is now live, and there’s something for everyone: three tracks, 30 breakouts, a full day of technical workshops, and plenty of learning in between.

Build your own Universe

This year, we’re highlighting the future of software—and celebrating the people and projects that push technology forward. Our three attendee tracks are here to help you build a custom Universe itinerary and get the most out of two jam-packed days at the historic Palace of Fine Arts:

  • Developer experience
  • Scaling your business
  • Enabling your platform

Get into the code

Looking to learn something new? Take the “developer experience” pathway and dive into how the problems of tomorrow are being solved by your peers. Find out what the future holds for your favorite tools and technology—and build your own solutions.

The “developer experience” pathway includes sessions like:

  • Code you can hold: Making your first IoT wearable
    Charlyn Gonda (Uber Engineering)
    Pick up a soldering iron and put on safety goggles—it’s time to make things. Get started with microcontroller programming, beginning with the Particle Photon board, a wifi-enabled microcontroller.
  • Leveling up WebAssembly itself: Going from MVP to brave new world
    Lin Clark (Mozilla)
    Unlock the future of WebAssembly and build your own. Learn how to code a WebAssembly module and see your module’s impact on the real world—or at least on the interactive light environment that coming to GitHub Universe. Then take control of the art installation with your WebAssembly module and walk through your creation.
  • GitHub Learning Lab: Teaching robots to teach
    Jason Etcovitch (GitHub)
    Discover how we built the Learning Lab app using public GitHub APIs and Probot, a framework for building GitHub Apps. Build your own courses on Learning Lab to teach developers how you work, what your product or integration does, or something completely new.

Grow your business to scale

It’s exciting to see your business grow—but growth also comes with its own new set of challenges. Our “scaling your business” pathway offers real-life case studies and insight from some of today’s top business leaders, including how they tackled the unique business demands that come with rapid growth.

Check out more of the highlights:

  • GitHub Enterprise at scale: Behind the scenes at
    Vamshidhar Gandham (Salesforce), Michael Johnson (GitHub)
    Wondering how to get started with GitHub Enterprise? Find out why Salesforce started using GitHub, the tools they created to simplify migration, and how GitHub Enterprise has helped them change the face of DevOps.
  • The world’s largest company explains why the future needs more women who code
    Fiona Tan (Walmart)
    Increasing the number of women who can code, and specifically in the growing field of artificial intelligence, is critical. Examine why women are fundamental to the future of the self-learning algorithms that power AI and why closing the gender gap in STEM is not only important for business, but important for society.
  • Moving from mono to multi: How Continental Corporation manages a distributed code base
    Timm Drevensek (Continental Corporation)
    Working with larger software projects means you’ll eventually need to decide how to organize your code base. See how the Continental team overcame limitations, how to deal with distributed code bases, and what’s possible when integrating with GitHub.

Keep your platform healthy

Is your platform performing at its best? Follow the “enabling your platform” pathway and explore how leveraging the right tools (and embracing necessary change) can help your platform reach its full potential. Find out how developers from companies like Airbnb, Contentful—plus GitHub itself—keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

And just a few examples of what else you’ll learn:

  • From Monorail to Monorepo: Airbnb’s journey into microservices
    Jens Vanderhaeghe (Airbnb)
    Airbnb has grown exponentially over the last few years—and so has their codebase. Hear some of the unique challenges they face as their engineering team grows and how they plan to transition toward a service-oriented architecture—a multi-year effort involving hundreds of engineers across the company.
  • Infrastructure as product: Building GitHub’s future
    Sophie Haskins (GitHub)
    Learn the story of Moda—GitHub’s internal service platform and set of tools, practices, and ideas for running software on Kubernetes. Discover how we approached big infrastructure changes, what’s worked well, and why we made the decisions we did.
  • API mashup: Combining APIs using GraphQL schema stitching
    Rouven Weßling (Contentful)
    The best mashups are seamless and natural. In today’s golden age of APIs, nobody would be surprised if you used more than six APIs in a project. But, like songs, they all work slightly differently. Find out how to use schema stitching to annotate the GitHub API with metadata about the repositories and users in an organization, resulting in a more powerful API that’s ready to build great tooling with less effort.

Get even more Universe with Workshop Day

Universe isn’t just product launches and after parties. We want you to go home with the practical tools and experience you need to keep building your best. If you’re looking to learn even more—and get an extra day of Universe—join us a day early for technical workshops on October 15.

Like our conference sessions, Workshop Day features three unique attendee tracks. We’ll cover everything from the secrets of great maintainers to scaling GitHub within your organization. Just pick your path to get started:

  • 2018: An Open Source Odyssey – Workshops for individuals and teams interested in innersource, open source, and everything in between
  • U, Robot – Workshops for builders and bot lovers ?
  • Git Runner 2048 – Workshops for future Git and GitHub superusers

Check out Universe Workshops

Your Universe is what you make it

Whether you want the latest coding tools, tips to successfully scale your business from industry experts, or tried-and-trued insights to take your platform to the next level, Universe 2018 is a place for everyone—and an experience completely yours. Tickets are limited, so reserve your seat and conference pathway as soon as possible. We can’t wait to see you there!

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