With the release of GitHub for Visual Studio 2.5.5, pull requests now support checks and statuses.

Checks and statuses—like continuous integration builds or deployment services—determine if the conditions set for a repository are met. Once checks and statuses are set up, every commit will show a status of pending, passing, or failing for each check.

Checks and Changes in action

Bringing this functionality to Visual Studio provides necessary information to review and merge pull requests. It also takes us one step closer to building out a complete pull request workflow. Huge shoutout to @stanleygoldman for making this happen!

Checks and statuses in GfVS pull requests

Pull request list view

When you enable checks and statuses for a repository, the pull request list view shows the status of each pull request. The status displayed is that of the latest commit.

Pull request detail view

In the detail view, you’ll see a section for “Checks”. Expanding the “Checks” sections shows all the individual checks and their respective statuses.

Expand the checks section to see which checks have passed

Clicking Details next to each check will open the URL to the service where you can view more information and logs. When a check fails, for example, you can open up more details in your browser to see what went wrong.

Open up more details on failing checks right from your browser

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