Developers use more than one kind of tool to build software. With the flexibility to integrate exactly the right tools for the job, your team can work productively, however you work best. And when software development is accessible, intelligent, and open, you can spend less time calibrating your tool chain and more time focusing on the work that matters most.

Today, we’re simplifying an important part of your workflow: Continuous Integration (CI). We’re excited to be partnering with Google to bring Google Cloud Build to GitHub. Cloud Build helps you create fast, consistent, reliable builds across all languages. With this new integration, you can easily set up CI through Cloud Build and automate builds and tests as part of your GitHub workflow.

“The release of Cloud Build on GitHub Marketplace is the first step in an exciting partnership. Bringing our fully-managed continuous integration to the GitHub platform will provide fast, frictionless, and convenient CI for any repository on GitHub. Google Cloud and GitHub share a vision for developer productivity and we look forward to continuing to build on this partnership.” — Melody Meckfessel, Vice President of Engineering at Google Cloud

Get smart recommendations

GitHub will detect Dockerfiles in the root of a repository and automatically suggest you use a CI tool like Cloud Build from GitHub Marketplace if one isn’t already set up. These smart recommendations will be rolling out to everyone in the coming months.

Recommender view

Reduce context switching

Cloud Build uses the new Checks API, a better way to get feedback from integrations on your code. Once a build is complete, you can see rich status reports, annotated code, and detailed information—all without leaving GitHub.

Checks UI

Learn more about the Google Cloud Build integration

From large businesses to open source projects, every team has their own approach to CI. We built GitHub to support yours. And we’ll keep working with our partners to create an open platform, where your team can use the tools they need to stay productive and do their best work on GitHub.

Interested in building on our platform? Contact the Marketplace team to learn more.