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New courses on GitHub Learning Lab

Check out the newest course offerings from GitHub Learning Lab.

GitHub Learning Lab

Earlier this year, we launched GitHub Learning Lab to help people of all skill levels use GitHub. Our initial course offerings included “Introduction to GitHub”, “Communicating using Markdown”, “Managing Merge Conflicts”, “GitHub Pages”, and “Moving Your Project to GitHub”. More than 3,700 students have successfully completed a Learning Lab course.

Now we’re releasing four new courses on Learning Lab for learners of all skill levels:

Uploading to GitHub and Migrating to GitHub

We broke out the existing “Moving to GitHub” course into two new courses: “Uploading to GitHub” and “Migrating to GitHub”. This lets you focus on bringing your projects to GitHub, no matter where they are.

Start Uploading to GitHub or Migrating to GitHub now

Community Starter Kit

GitHub loves the open source community, and we want your project to appeal to both veteran open source contributors and newcomers alike. In this course, you will learn what settings to use and files you should add to your repository to provide the information and features new contributors will need to be successful.

Access your Community Starter Kit

Introduction to HTML

Learning Lab is a great way to learn how to use GitHub more effectively, but why stop there? In our first non-GitHub focused course, join Learning Lab for an “Introduction to HTML”.

Build your first webpage with an Introduction to HTML

Now available in Marketplace

Learning Lab is now also available in GitHub Marketplace. In addition to Learning Lab, Marketplace houses integrations you can add to your repository. If you currently access Learning Lab from, your experience isn’t going to change—and thanks for the support!

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