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Turning today’s students into tomorrow’s technologists with GitHub Education, a free program for schools

Now schools can get the tools businesses love for free in a new GitHub Education bundle.

Turning today's students into tomorrow's technologists with GitHub Education, a free program for schools

For years, GitHub has been free to individual students and teachers for classroom use. Now, we’re making it possible for schools of all types and sizes to adopt GitHub and our education offerings in a single bundle through GitHub Education.

GitHub Education includes access to GitHub, an ever-growing suite of developer tools in the Student Developer Pack, workflows for teachers in GitHub Classroom, and training through Campus Experts and Campus Advisors.

Now we are putting all of these tools and programs together—along with free access to our Business Plan and GitHub Enterprise, so your entire school can get on board at no cost.

We’re excited to expand our commitment to include the features that schools need, like SAML single sign-on and access provisioning, with GitHub Education.

A product suite built around students and teachers

In 2014, we launched the Student Developer Pack, a set of the best tools to help students prepare for careers in the industry. By 2015, teachers asked for help managing their courses with GitHub, so we built GitHub Classroom. Teachers have used it in over 10,000 courses, with their students creating more than two million repositories. Since 2016, students have leveled up their leadership skills through Campus Experts. Now hundreds of Campus Experts around the world are working to build strong technical communities. Earlier this year, we opened up teacher training with our new Campus Advisors program, so that instructors can use Git and GitHub in their courses with confidence.

To date, we’ve helped more than one million students around the globe learn to code, and engage with technical communities to take the next step in their careers.

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Helping schools amplify their reach and impact

While many schools teach with GitHub because it is the industry standard for collaborating on software, our partner schools see GitHub Education as a vital way to fulfill their own missions.

Kwame Yamgnane, co-founder of coding school 42 Silicon Valley, says, “Our mission is to prepare tomorrow’s workforce, entrepreneurs, and thinkers with skills and a digital toolset for the 21st-century. We want to make education and pathways to the workforce accessible, and GitHub Education is helping us do that globally.”

In Spain, Ubiqum Code Academy is working to reduce high unemployment rates as well as a skills shortage for IT jobs. “We’re reversing this trend,” says Nathan Benjamin, Head of Product. “At Ubiqum students learn to think like coders and analysts, collaborate on project teams, and use the modern tools essential to IT. The most important of these is GitHub.”

Other GitHub Education schools include Gallaudet University, Santa Barbara City College, St. Louis Community College, and the University of New Hampshire.

Bring GitHub Education to your school.

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