We’ve made some changes to project automation that will provide you with more control when managing issues and pull requests in a project. Previously, issue and pull request cards behaved the same when they were added and moved across the board. Now you can specify different actions for them, like creating separate columns for in progress or reopened issues and pull requests.

Automation settings in a column

Template updates

Simplify the process of managing bugs with the new “Bug triage” project board template. It features “To do”, “High priority”, “Low priority,” and “Closed” columns for better bug tracking.

The “Automated kanban” template has also been updated for automated workflows and now places newly-added pull requests to the “In progress” column. New issues will still appear in the “To do” column.

Changing your settings

Anyone with write access can manually configure new issue and pull request automation options on existing projects.

To configure these settings in existing projects, click Manage Automation on the columns you wish to update. For new projects, access the changes by setting up a project with the “Automated kanban” template, or by clicking Manage Automation on any columns you manually create.

Read the documentation to learn more.