A fresh release of our Electron-based Desktop app is here! GitHub Desktop 1.2 ships with new features and enhancements that help you stay up-to-date with your coworkers’ changes and keep you in sync with your team.

Compare branches

Now you can compare your branch to any other branch in the repository, like your master or base branch, and merge that work into your current branch—and there’s more to come.

Multi-file select

In previous versions of GitHub Desktop, you could either perform actions, like discarding changes, on one file at a time or all files at once. Now you can select multiple files to perform an action on by holding down Shift or Command/Ctrl and clicking on the files you want selected.

Community involvement

GitHub Desktop is open source. Thanks to our community, we’ve merged 26 contributions from 18 different contributors. Since launching 1.1 in February, we’ve fixed bugs, improved existing features, and extended GitHub Desktop. In fact, our multi-file select feature started as a pull request from our community . We’d love to have you join us and contribute to future versions of Desktop.

Check out our release notes to learn more.