We’re proud to announce our membership in the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS)—a newly launched nonprofit foundation promoting open innovation in financial services—along with technical organizations like Red Hat and Nodesource and financial organizations like Citigroup, UBS, and HSBC.

Financial services institutions increasingly rely on open source software to build the best software for their customers, improve infrastructure, and unlock the potential of their engineering teams. We’ve seen this firsthand on GitHub, where contributions by members of fintech organizations have grown by 40 percent in the past year—and we expect this trend to continue. Joining FINOS will allow us to work better with the growing community of open source developers addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of the financial services industry.

What is FINOS?

The Symphony Software Foundation recently announced its launch as FINOS, with the goal of providing an independent and accessible forum dedicated to driving open innovation in the financial services industry. See the announcement to learn more.

In addition to programs carried over from the Symphony Software Foundation, FINOS will continue to broaden its scope by adding new programs, members, and contributors. The full breadth of Foundation programs advance open source practices, mindsets, and software that address the specific challenges and opportunities of the financial services industry.

FINOS’ commitment to fostering open collaboration will be critical as financial technology firms continue to evolve. We’re thrilled to join them in this mission and better serve the open source developers building the future of finance.