Over the last month, we’ve introduced some improvements to help you build with the GitHub platform. From listing an app on our Marketplace more quickly, to improvements to our GraphQL API, it’s never been easier to build apps that work seamlessly with GitHub.

Self-serve Marketplace onboarding

Integrators now have the ability to get started with GitHub Marketplace themselves—which means less time waiting in a queue and faster onboarding. This Getting Started guide explains everything you need to know to get setup on GitHub Marketplace, from marketing guidelines to API endpoints and catching webhooks.

Preview of the new team discussions GraphQL API

We added new objects and mutations to our GraphQL API that allow you to read and manage team discussions. Team discussions is the first GraphQL feature to use a preview period—the same process we’ve used for our REST API in the past. As always, if you want to find out about upcoming GraphQL schema changes, follow the GraphQL Changelog, which now includes preview periods, too.

GraphQL upcoming change log

We’ve added a new page to our documentation that allows you to see what GraphQL schema members are expected to change before they change. It’s sorted in date-descending order so you can see which changes will happen soonest. We strive to minimize breaking changes. When we do have to make them, we want to ensure that you have ample time to update your integration.

Learn more about how to build an app of your own, or find an app that will level up your workflows.