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Improved project permissions to support your workflow

Updates to organization project permissions add to existing workflows and make new ones possible.


Our latest changes to organization project permissions introduce more possibilities for your organization’s workflow. Collaborate with your team in new ways, expand who you work with, and, if you’d like, publicly communicate your progress across projects to the community.

More granular permissions for organization projects

Set granular read and write permissions

Sometimes projects aren’t relevant to every organization member. Now you can set permissions for your organization’s projects that specify which members can see or edit a project.

We’re also expanding the ways you can collaborate with others, so you can invite outside collaborators to your projects, too. Bring in external team members like contractors to work with you on certain projects without having to add them directly to your organization—the same way that repository permissions work.

Find your collaboration settings on your project board

Happy with your permissions the way they are? Permissions for existing project won’t change unless you update their collaboration settings or create a new project using the new permissions options.

Public organization projects

Show your organization's projects to the world by editing the visibility

Previously, you had to create a repository-level project on a public repository to share a project with the world. Now you can create public projects at the organization level, too. Share your organization’s public roadmap with the world, or set up a project to triage incoming issues that span multiple repositories for a single open source project. We’re excited to see how you use public projects to tell the world what you’re working on.

For more detailed information on how to work with organization project permissions, see the documentation.

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