Whether you’re working on open source projects or collaborating with new developers on your team, it’s not always clear who you’re working with and how they’re connected to the project you’re working on.

With hovercards, you can hover your mouse over a contributor’s avatar—or most places you see their username—to get more information about who you’re collaborating with. On every hovercard, you’ll see a larger avatar image and profile information, so be sure to check if your profile is up to date with what you want others to see on your hovercard.

Hover cards give you information at a glance

You’ll also see information about the individual that’s specific to your interaction with them, like which teams they belong to in your organization, if they are a code owner, if they’re contributing to their very first pull request, and more.

REST API and GraphQL API support are currently in preview—and stay tuned for hovercards in a GitHub Enterprise release soon.

Learn more about the hovercard REST API

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