A fresh release of our Electron app is ready for your desktop. GitHub Desktop 1.1 builds on last year’s Electron relaunch with new features and enhancements that help you bring even more GitHub workflows to your desktop.

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Pull request list

The branch selector now displays open pull requests alongside the branches for the current repository. This makes it easy to check out a pull request as if it were a local branch. GitHub Desktop handles all the rote work necessary to work with the pull request, including adding the remote and setting the upstream branch so that you can keep up with changes to the pull request over time.

Selecting a pull request for the current repository

Commit status integration

Quickly see which pull requests pass commit status checks and which need more work. You can see if a pull request is passing from the list view or when the current branch has a pull request open.

Co-authoring commits

This release complements the co-author feature released a few weeks ago and makes it easy to add your collaborators as co-authors when you commit.

Filling out the commit form and adding the co-authors

If you work on code with other developers, adding a co-author is a simple and effective way to share credit for your work without having to add a description or find out a teammate’s email.

Syntax highlighting in diffs

GitHub Desktop now supports syntax highlighting when viewing diffs for a variety of different languages.

GitHub Desktop now has syntax highlighting for many different languages

Community involvement

GitHub Desktop is open source, and thanks to the community we’ve merged 62 contributions from 32 different contributors since 1.0 to fix bugs, improve existing features, and extend Desktop. Check out our release notes to see more details about these contributions.