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Release Radar · January 2018

From tougher security to more beautiful source code images, our first Release Radar of 2018 has something for everyone. Check out the latest tools that have been delighting and delivering…

GitHub Release Radar · January 2018

From tougher security to more beautiful source code images, our first Release Radar of 2018 has something for everyone. Check out the latest tools that have been delighting and delivering since January.

osquery 3.0: SQL-powered operating system instrumentation, monitoring, and analytics

Osquery is a friendly, scalable way to query almost any infrastructure like a database, and monitor low-level operating system analytics, intrusion detection, compliance, and more.

We use osquery at GitHub with our custom macOS intrusion detection system to look for malicious activity on our team’s laptops while respecting their privacy. Security firms, small startups, and large enterprises like Palantir also use it to avoid security vulnerabilities.

Let’s say an attacker leaves a malicious process on a machine but deletes the binary. Osquery helps you run a query like SELECT name, path, pid FROM processes WHERE on_disk = 0; to catch it.

osquery 3.0 Screenshot

Did you know: The Osquery Team just relaunched their site, and it’s all open source!

Godot 3.0: a game engine that’s ready for the big leagues

Godot is a free, multi-platform 2D and 3D open source game engine with a huge set of tools, so you can focus on building your game without reinventing the wheel. With a flexible scene system, powerful visual editor, friendly content creation pipeline, and an amazing community, this is a must-try for game developers.

Godot 3.0 is a huge release, so be sure you check out all the new features and changes in the 3.0 announcement.

Godot 3.0 Screenshot

Did you know: The overall winner of this year’s Game Off, a game called Daemon vs. Demon, was built with Godot.

Carbon 2.0: share beautiful images of your source code

Whether you’re tweeting or presenting snippets, Carbon and the Dawn Labs Team are giving you everything you need to make your code images more beautiful—a la Leo Lamprecht’s tweets.

Screenshot generated by Carbon 2.0

Did you know: The output of the Python code above might not be what you expect. The boolean value for the datetime.time object was considered to be False in Python 3.5 and lower if it represented midnight in UTC. The output here is actually ('Time at noon is', datetime.time(12, 0)). See more Python snippets with surprising results

Detectron: a new object detection research tool

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Researchers (FAIR) open sourced Detectron, a system for state-of-the-art object detection research written in Python using Caffe 2.

In addition to enabling research projects, we’re sure it has many practical applications—like detecting that your boss is sneaking up on your desk. Learn more about Facebook open sourcing Detectron


Face Alignment 1.0: detect facial landmarks

Wouldn’t it be neat if you could detect faces in both 2D and 3D? Face Recognition built with Python and PyTorch does just that.

Detect 3D facial landmarks in pictures

Spaceship 3.0: a Zsh prompt for astronauts

Spaceship touts itself as a minimalis, customizable Zsh prompt combining everything you need to be productive, without unnecessary complications just like a real spaceship. Read more about it in the 3.0 announcement post.

Screenshot of Spaceship Prompt

That’s just a handful of releases you shipped last month—keep them coming! If you’ve got a release that should be on our radar, send us a note.

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