In a recent webcast, GitHub Enterprise Solutions Engineer Tommy Byrd shared how to get GitHub Enterprise up and running as a virtual appliance in just thirty minutes.

In this recording, Tommy walks through an example of an automated deployment by managing the provisioned resources using the open source version of Terraform and explains all the services included with the GitHub Enterprise appliance. He also reviews the available instance settings in the management console and shows how to use the GitHub Enterprise API to apply those settings programatically. Finally, Tommy shares the easiest way to work with our Enterprise Support Team to ensure you’re set up for success.

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To follow along with the webcast, review the code yourself.

Low maintenance and installation overhead means happy administrators

The architecture of the GitHub Enterprise appliance includes all of the core services we use for, which makes life easier for admins. Not only do we provide critical infrastructure pieces, we also maintain and update the entire stack, reducing overhead and ensuring you have access to the latest, most secure product we offer.

Virtual Appliance Architecture

Using the Enterprise Management Console API

As an admin, you have the ability to configure settings and manage your installation in the GitHub Enterprise Management Console through the Management Console API, as well as the UI. The API endpoints available are all listed on, and if you want to see a list of all the configurable settings, check the output of this endpoint: GET /setup/api/settings.

Working with Enterprise Support

As GitHub Enterprise works behind your firewall, our team doesn’t have direct access to your system. To assist you, we rely on a support bundle. This bundle contains vital logs that help us debug problems in the appliance, including authentication errors. On, we also provide extensive documentation, resources, and administrator guides to help you identify and solve any issues that might pop up. If you’re really stuck, our team is just a ticket away and is happy to help with any question or problem.

To review the GitHub Enterprise deployment walkthrough, watch the webcast or browse our other webcasts.