Another Hacktoberfest has come and gone, and we couldn’t be more proud of your contributions. With over 200,000 merged pull requests in almost 65,000 repositories, you made this our biggest Hacktoberfest yet. You worked hard, and with those special edition shirts—you looked good doing it. Congratulations!

Happy Hacktoberfesters showing their new T-shirts

From Berlin to Bangalore, almost 32,000 people worked on Hacktoberfest projects in more than 100 community-organized Hacktoberfest events.

Hacktoberfest events all over the world

Thank you

Thanks to all of the open source maintainers who prepared and merged issues for participants. You kept the projects flowing, and you were a big part of this event’s success.

Hacktoberfest Tweets

We also want to thank our friends at DigitalOcean for their support of the open source community, and for sponsoring this year’s Hacktoberfest. This event wouldn’t be possible without you.

What’s next

You don’t have to wait until Hacktoberfest 2018 to work on your next open source project!

Searching for something to work on? Check out our redesigned Explore or “help wanted” projects.

Looking for your Hacktoberfest shirt? If you registered and completed four pull requests but haven’t received an email about your shirt, reach out to