Writing code with other developers can be a great way to onboard teammates, get to know how your peers think, and learn new skills. Unfortunately, writing code together can be difficult to coordinate.

Now social coding is easier than ever with Teletype for Atom—a new way to dive right into code with remote collaborators. Work together in real time with your own configurations in your own programming environment on any file you can open in Atom.

Today we’re releasing the Teletype package in beta, but there’s so much more to come. Visit teletype.atom.io to start coding together in Atom today.

Get started

Seamless collaboration with Teletype

Collaborate seamlessly

Talk through a review without latency. With Teletype, you can invite one or more of your teammates to jump right into the code. Everyone gets a cursor, and everyone can type at the same time.

Bring your own configurations

Share your code without giving up your configurations. Sharing is at the keystroke-level rather than at the pixel-level, so you can collaborate with your own key bindings, packages, and themes.

Connect peer-to-peer

All data flows over encrypted peer-to-peer connections. Our servers never see your files or edits, which maximizes your privacy and minimizes latency between you and your collaborators, regardless of your proximity to our data centers.

Build on Teletype

Best of all, Teletype is free and open source. As we continue along our roadmap and take Teletype beyond beta, we hope to see community contributors build on and extend it to other editors.

Today’s beta release is just the beginning of social coding with Atom. Our list of improvements includes support for voice communication and editor-agnostic collaboration. To learn more about Teletype and find out where it’s headed next, check out our post on the Atom Blog.