Today we’re welcoming four new apps to GitHub Marketplace that’ll help you out with code review, deployment, and localization for your projects.

Code Review
SideCI is a code review assistant that analyzes pull requests automatically and uncovers issues like coding standard violations, potential security issues, and anti-pattern instances. Review code more efficiently, deliver products with confidence and help your team accomplish more.

Continuous Integration
Streamline deployment to Kubernetes and manage your entire container lifecycle with Codefresh—CI/CD for containers that helps agile teams write better code faster with rapid feedback and testing cycles. Instantly spin up any code change, feature branch, and Docker image as part of a composition and share it with the entire team.

POEditor is a collaborative translation platform and localization management tool. It offers a common space for product and localization managers, developers, and translators to efficiently work together on making multilingual software.

Dependency management
MyGet provides hosted NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven, PHP Composer, and VSIX feeds for individual developers, open source projects, and corporate development teams. Create artifact feeds for developers or clients with our own artifacts and third-party packages. Packages can come from your build server or an upstream package source. You can also use MyGet to build, test, and transform your source code into a compiled NuGet, npm, or PHP Composer package right from your GitHub repository.

We can’t wait to see what you do with these new apps! See how they can help your team work better or discover even more tools in GitHub Marketplace and integrate them into your workflow in minutes.