GitHub is proud to handle thousands of requests per second from our millions of users. The Internet, however, can be a fickle beast of cables and sparks, and sometimes those requests don’t happen very fast (or at all). While we’re happy to help you troubleshoot connection issues to us, we also know our users like swift answers and a hands-on approach.

Today, we’re introducing GitHub Debug.

GitHub Debug

This debugging tool mimics as much as possible, including using GeoDNS and the same certificate authority. Using your public IP, it applies a set of standard networking tools to collect relevant information about your connection to GitHub. This information, including data on download speed, packet loss, and routing, can be used by you or us to troubleshoot connection issues between you and GitHub’s servers.

Visit when you’re having issues connecting to, whether on the command line or in your browser.

mtr with sensitive output automatically obfuscated

Have questions? Copy and paste your output into a ticket to our Support Team and we can start digging into the issue.

We’re excited to provide this tool for your use. Happy building!