In collaboration with Facebook, we’re excited to announce Atom-IDE—a set of optional packages that bring IDE-like functionality to Atom. The initial release includes smarter, context-aware auto-completion, navigation features, like outline view and goto-definition, and other useful functions, errors, warnings, and document formatting.

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A look at Atom-IDE

Atom-IDE includes packages for C#, Flow, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and TypeScript that use the power of language servers to provide deep syntactical analysis of your code and projects—but this is just the start of our journey. With the help of our community, we plan to expand the number of languages that Atom-IDE can support and make it possible for you to run and edit applications, making Atom-IDE a true IDE.

Check out our post on the Atom Blog to get started—or to learn how to create an Atom-IDE package for your favorite language.