Whatever you use to build software, chances are there are ways to simplify. GitHub Marketplace brings together your favorite tools to provide the functionality and expertise you need to work better, right where you code.

New apps in GitHub Marketplace

Today, we’re introducing five apps and a new “Deployment” category in GitHub Marketplace. Reduce the complexity of releasing software, minimize the risk of errors, and get features and fixes out to your users.

Meet our new apps

Deployment, Continuous Integration

Easily create delivery automation pipelines with over 50 build, test, and deployment actions using Buddy. It handles both legacy FTP/SFTP uploads and dedicated IaaS/PaaS deployments with all the latest technology: Docker images, containers, microservices, Slack notifications, and Kubernetes clusters.

Semaphore helps teams move faster with hosted continuous integration and delivery. After you push code to GitHub, it quickly runs your tests on a platform with first-class Docker support and more than 100 pre-installed tools. Semaphore lets you parallelize your builds, get feedback right in pull requests, and deploy more often in a unified workflow.


Crowdin is a web-based localization management platform for developers that integrates with GitHub to provide a seamless file sync with your repositories. Crowdin is designed to ensure timely and quality translations with pre-translation support, advanced reporting, workflow management, and more.


Airbrake silently monitors your apps and instantly alerts you to any new problems affecting your users. You’ll know what’s affected and get all the information you need to quickly fix the problem.


Snyk makes sure you’re immediately aware of any security vulnerabilities in your open source libraries and helps you find, fix, and prevent them as they happen. Snyk includes single-click fix for pull requests and the ability to patch vulnerabilities, no matter your package manager with support for npm, Maven, PyPi, Ruby Gems, and more.

Discover new ways to streamline your development, work better together, and deploy stress-free, so you can focus on your product.

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