Make the switch from REST to GraphQL with our webcast and online training course.

Webcast: Migrating from REST to GraphQL

Join GitHub Platform Engineer Mark Tareshawty and Trainer Matt Desmond on August 8th at 10am PST. They’ll discuss how GraphQL represents a giant leap forward in the world of APIs. As a significant departure from the REST API, GraphQL requires some not-so-subtle shifts in the way we think about consuming and altering data.

In this webcast, we’ll help you transform your REST calls into precise GraphQL queries. You’ll also learn how to think about data in GraphQL and how to combine multiple REST calls into a single GraphQL query.

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On Demand Training: Introduction to GraphQL

Before the webcast, you can also explore Introduction to GraphQL—a new, on-demand course from our Training Team. The course walks you through building a GraphQL query and doing a simple mutation with the GraphQL explorer.

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