Whether you’re working on an open source project or building a software company, chances are you can simplify your work with GitHub Apps. In May, we launched GitHub Marketplace—a place where you can easily discover, purchase, and integrate new tools that customize your workflow. Today, we’re launching seven new apps in Marketplace and four new categories: Dependency Management, Localization, Security, and Time Tracking.

Code quality, Code review

Better Code Hub provides development teams with immediate, relevant feedback on code quality. It checks a code base against ten guidelines for maintainable software, delivering actionable recommendations and helping your team get to a shared definition of done. A score of ten out of ten indicates you’re performing among top development teams within the industry.

Code Climate provides automated code review, analyzing every commit, branch, and pull request for complexity, duplication, security, and more. It also combines line-by-line test coverage reports, technical debt assessments, and style checks in every pull request so your team merges only clear, maintainable, and well-tested code.

Coveralls helps teams deliver code confidently by providing test coverage history and statistics to show which parts of your code aren’t covered by your test suite. It works with your CI server to sift through new code and reveal changes in overall coverage. Coveralls can also stop deployments that contain newly untested code to protect your live application.

StyleCI is a PHP coding style service that automatically analyzes the code you push to GitHub. If something is amiss, it will immediately notify you through the GitHub Status integration. You can also configure StyleCI to automatically create a pull request with fixes.

Dependency management, Security

Gemnasium monitors project dependencies and alerts you to updates and security vulnerabilities, providing information about all of your repositories in a single interface.


GitLocalize is a continuous localization tool built for communities and teams that want to simplify their workflow when translating content. GitLocalize automatically syncs with your repository so you can keep your workflow on GitHub. It also keeps you updated on what needs to be translated.

Project management, Time tracking

WakaTime provides you with metrics, insights, and time tracking automatically generated from your programming activity. Compete with your friends on private leaderboards, and improve your productivity with your own personal dashboard.

Whether you’d like to automatically build and test your code as you push it to GitHub, measure performance, track errors, or manage projects, GitHub Apps give you flexibility across your development process. And our ecosystem is always growing. Discover new tools on GitHub Marketplace and start using them in minutes.