Manage issues and pull requests with keyword updates

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Manage your repositories’ incoming issues more efficiently with a few new updates: a keyword and saved reply to mark duplicate issues, along with a clearer, more informative style for keywords.

Marking an issue as a duplicate

Sometimes your users report the same bug, or your teammates share the same idea. No matter why a redundant issue was posted, you can now mark it as a duplicate of another issue.

Marking an issue as a duplicate

To flag a duplicate, add a comment using the duplicate of keyword followed by the issue number or URL. A “Marked as duplicate” timeline event will appear in the timelines of the referenced issues.

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Improved keyword styling

We’ve updated the way keywords are displayed in issues and pull request to give you more information. Keywords like closes are highlighted, and when you hover over them, you’ll see a tooltip explaining what the keyword means. For closes, you’ll learn that the referenced issue will close when the pull request is merged.

Improved keyword styling

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