We’re introducing two new tools to help maintain and grow open source communities.

As an open source project grows beyond code, it can be difficult to maintain new contributions, documentation, issues, and the legal side of running a larger project. On your community profile, you’ll see a checklist showing how your project compares to our recommended community standards. From there, you can easily add any missing files.

Snapshot of the community profile

If you’re a project maintainer, view your community profile by clicking the repository header’s Insights tab and selecting Community.

Easier codes of conduct

As your project grows and matures, it’s often necessary to spell out community roles, norms, and expectations. One of the recommended best practices is to add a code of conduct to your project. If you click the prompt from your community profile (or begin adding a CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md file to your repository), you’ll see a short list of common templates to choose from. Then you can create a pull request to add a code of conduct to your repository.

Screenshot of the new code of conduct tooll

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