The latest GitHub Enterprise release is here with updates for developers and admins alike. Customizable workflows and advanced project tracking help your team do more at every step of the development cycle.

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Create your own tools with the new GitHub GraphQL API

The GitHub GraphQL API is now out of early access on and available in GitHub Enterprise 2.10. Create your own tools with greater access to data than ever before using the same API that we use to build GitHub. Ask for the exact data you need in a single request and get updates in real time—no more hitting multiple endpoints or waiting for new ones after a new enterprise feature has been released.

Check out the GitHub GraphQL API video and get started with the API today!

Find and organize repositories with topics

With Enterprise 2.10, repository admins can manually add tags to their repositories for easy search and discovery. Use topics to add relevant data and group repositories by languages used, project function, or teams responsible for maintaining the repository. Team members can use tags to filter repositories and find new ones related to their projects.


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Get the full story (or no story) from your project boards

Project boards are a great way to keep your tasks organized on GitHub, and they’re especially useful when working with a team. The latest enterprise release helps you accomplish more in project boards with better organization, tracking, and reviews.

When projects get complex with multiple contributors and phases, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s getting done and who’s doing it. Now teams can see a rich history of all activity (and the teammate behind each action) in one place with project board history.

Screenshot of the Project Activity view

Learn more about project board history

If your team isn’t using project boards, admins can disable them by unchecking the Projects box in Settings on the repository or organization level. When they’re disabled, you’ll no longer see project board information in timelines or audit logs. They can be re-enabled at any time and will be restored exactly as you left them.

Disable GitHub Projects

Learn more about disabling projects

Refine your review process

Review requests help you get the exact feedback you need from the people you need it from. Now you can use filters to find the pull requests that require your attention first. Use the Reviews filter to see the pull requests still awaiting review, unreviewed pull requests on protected branches that require a review, approved pull requests that are ready to merge, pull requests that have a review requesting changes, and pull requests that have been reviewed by a specific user.

Learn more about review request filters

Reinforce your team’s code reviews by specifying who in your organization can dismiss reviews on a protected branch. In addition to the ability to leave, manage, request, and dismiss reviews, protect branches, and limit merging rights, you can ensure important feedback gets addressed. Completely remove the ability to dismiss reviews on a protected branch or restrict that ability to a subset of users or teams specified in your branch protection settings for any organization repository.

Learn more about review dismissal

Additional updates

  • Git LFS 2.0.0 includes important bug fixes, an early release of File Locking, and a handful of other new improvements.
  • New options give administrators the ability to configure API rate limiting from the Management Console.
  • Trace changes in any part of your files over time, instead of viewing the entire file history, with improved Git blame.
  • Organization owners can now limit the ability to delete repositories to themselves or members with admin permissions.
  • Choose which TLS protocols to support and deprecate to fit your security policies.
  • Be a part of the Early Access Program:
    • Request access to hotpatching for reduced downtime when you’re upgrading patch releases.
    • If your team is geographically-distributed, request access to geo-replication for better performance in high availability environments.

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