After several years of providing in-person and remote training, the GitHub Training Team is bringing their classroom experience to your laptop. The team is hosting live, virtual private classes designed for developers of all experience levels to reach their goals faster. Now, you and your team can sit down with an expert from anywhere in the world with a custom curriculum.

Reach out to GitHub Services to schedule a private class for your team.

Everything you need to know about private virtual classes

How many people can attend?

Our virtual classes are perfect for distributed teams of all sizes, but each class is limited to 20 participants to maximize engagement and personalized instructor attention. We can accomodate concurrent class schedules if your team has more than 20 people, so larger teams can still learn together.

When are the classes?

Private classes consist of four, 75 minute sessions that can be scheduled at your convenience.

How are the classes structured?

Each session uses Zoom to provide video and screen sharing capabilities. The instructor will guide developers through focused, hands-on practice with new concepts and short bursts of learning allow for greater focus and retention. After class, developers complete practice activities to further enhance their understanding of the topics covered.

How do trainers engage with developers?

Questions during and after class are always welcome, but sometimes developers think of the best questions outside of class time. To make sure no question goes unanswered, we provide a package of one-on-one post-class follow up appointments with the GitHub Training team where developers can sign up to ask questions, review selected topics, or get help with difficult situations via Zoom.

What will I learn?

From Git reset to merge conflicts in pull requests, classes will help you build a strong foundation for both Git and GitHub. The class is designed for you to walk away with all of the fundamental knowledge you need to use Git comfortably.

Send GitHub Services a note to learn more about private classes.

If a private class isn’t right for you, the team offers monthly public classes for individuals and small teams who want to experience a premium Git and GitHub learning experience without the lengthy procurement process. You can use your credit card, and join the class when you’re ready.

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