GitHub Enterprise 2.9 is now available with improvements for both developers and administrators. With this release, administrators will see improvements in reliability and developers can get more out of pull requests.

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Increased reliability and flexibility

Now, with load balancer support, running a load balancer in front of a single GitHub Enterprise appliance or High Availability pair allows for even more reliable deployments.

We’ve also expanded installation flexibility with a new hosting option on Google Compute Engine.

Pull Request enhancements

Starting conversations around code is what Pull Requests and the GitHub Flow are all about. These feature enhancements make that collaboration even more efficient.

  • Resolving merge conflicts in the UI — Accomplish more, right from your pull requests, saving you a trip to the command line and helping your team merge pull requests faster.
  • Review requests — Request reviewers for your Pull Request from the sidebar, and they will be notified. You can also track requested reviewers and the status of each review.
  • Dismiss Pull Request reviews — Remove potential blockers to your team’s progress by dismissing pull request reviews that are no longer valid or are unable to be approved by the reviewer.
  • Rebase and merge Pull Requests — Avoid merge commits by using the “Rebase and merge” option on the pull request merge button.

Organization-wide Projects

GitHub Projects can now be used at the Organization level. All users in your Organization will have access to its Projects, so you and your team can plan and manage work across repositories. With Organization-wide Projects, everyone can see what’s already in motion and work together without duplicating efforts.

Other improvements

  • You can search commit messages using either the main search page or within a repository.
  • Creating a new Pages site on GitHub Enterprise is now as easy as 1,2,3.
  • Progressively loaded diffs let you to review more changes than ever in one pull request, making large refactor reviews possible in the GitHub UI. Up to 3,000 files will be loaded progressively as you view them, which keeps your reviewing experience comprehensive and responsive.

Upgrade today

Upgrade to GitHub Enterprise 2.9 today to start using these features and keep improving the way your team works. You can also check out the release notes to see what else is new.