Projects are a great way to keep your tasks organized on GitHub, and they‘re especially useful when working with a team. To make it easier to keep track of what‘s going on in a Project with lots of people, we‘re introducing the new Project Activity view, a way for you to view a history of all the activity that‘s happened in your project.

Screenshot of the Project Activity view

If you find that a particular card isn‘t where you left it, it could be because one of your teammates renamed it or moved it to a different column. The Project Activity view can help you track down these changes, so you can figure out exactly what‘s changed since the last time you looked at your Project.

Since we‘ve only recently started recording activity for this feature, your project‘s activity history won‘t go back much before January 27th, 2017. However, you‘ll be able to see any changes to your project after that date. It‘s time to start making history!

In the meantime, you‘re welcome to drop any questions, comments, or feedback about Project Activity into our help form.