CARTO is the newest addition to the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

CARTO joins the Student Developer Pack

CARTO is a powerful open platform for discovering and predicting key insights underlying the world’s location data. It’s a suite of geospatial tools, services, and APIs for discovering and predicting the key insights from your location data in your applications. You’ll be able to do powerful analysis of your data.

With CARTO you get:

  • CARTO Builder, a web-based drag-and-drop analysis tool for users to discover and predict key insights from location data.
  • CARTO Engine, a one-stop shop of geospatial tools, services, and APIs to discover and make predictions with your location data.
  • A Mobile SDK that lets you develop custom applications with maps on any mobile platform—Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile 10.
  • Location data services that let you obtain maps and services on native applications, using them on the web with open source JavaScript or third-party libraries.
  • Data Observatory services so you can turn your data or address locations into comprehensive reports about the characteristics of the local population.

Members of the pack get:

  • 350MB Database Storage
  • Synced Tables
  • $5 worth of LDS credit per month
  • 10K tweets per month
  • 100K mapviews per month
  • Free account upgrades with increased database storage
  • Real-time data
  • Location data service credits
  • Premium features

The Student Developer Pack gives students free access to the best developer tools from different technology companies like Datadog, GitKraken, Travis CI, and Unreal Engine.

Students, get mapping now with your pack.