Pull request reviews are a great way to share the weight of building software, and with review requests you can get the exact feedback you need.

To make it easier to find the pull requests that need your attention, you can now filter by review status from your repository pull request index.

A screenshot showing the reviews filter menu in a repository pull request index

Use the Reviews filtering menu to see the pull requests still awaiting review, unreviewed pull requests on protected branches that require a review, approved pull requests that are ready to merge, and pull requests that have a review requesting changes.

You can also filter pull requests that have been reviewed by a specific user and quickly locate those that have required your review in the past to decide which needs your attention first.

A screenshot showing the global review requests dashboard

Finally, we’ve also added review requests to the global pull request dashboard so you can see all pull requests awaiting your feedback across all of your repositories and organizations.

You’re welcome to drop any questions, comments, or feedback into our help form.