Join us on a trip through the Octoverse

As we take this moment to celebrate our community at GitHub Universe, we’re amazed yet again by how the Octoverse has expanded and changed. Our community has grown to more than 16 million people strong, hacking on things like Free Code Camp, an open source curriculum that helps nonprofits; and Batavia, an implementation of the Python virtual machine.

We want to welcome the more than 5.2 million new developers who joined our community in the last year and applaud the more than 800,000 of you for creating your first pull request. Many of you have joined us from all over the world—we saw explosive international growth from China, Indonesia, India, Russia, Brazil, and Japan.

GitHub is about bringing people together to collaborate on world-changing technology, and in doing so, creating a constantly expanding universe of code. Join us for a spin through the latest installment of the Octoverse in 2016 and we can’t wait to see how you help us grow the Octoverse in 2017 and beyond.