If you’d like to start using GitHub or just see what it’s all about, we’re kicking off a new way for you to learn the basics. Introduction to GitHub is a self-paced, online class designed to help you:

  • Get started using GitHub.com in 30 minutes or less.
  • Make new friends while collaborating on a fun project.
  • Dive into the worlds of GitHub and open source.

Unlike many self-paced training classes where you are completely alone, this one has a thriving Gitter community where GitHub Trainers drop in several times a day to answer questions and help those who are stuck. During the course, you are encouraged to complete an activity where you will drop a pin on our map representing your current location. Check out our current pins here to see where people are learning.

This course is 100 percent free forever and uses several popular open source projects to create a seamless learning experience. Here are a few of the projects we would like to thank:

Even if you’ve been using GitHub for a while, we hope you will try out the course and share your feedback in the class survey. If you think it’s a good introduction to GitHub, we hope you will share the class) with others who’d like to learn.