What does a modern developer look like? The workforce is overcoming the stereotype of siloed, surly coders typing from dim, stall-like cubicles. We talked with the team at MailChimp, who are making great strides in embracing today’s developer — one who is, often, a person of many talents. Using GitHub for collaboration across teams, MailChimp is able to use the unique skills of all their employees to create a humming innovative environment.

“We’re an interesting company now, we really prize creativity, even down to the operations team. We’re encouraged to be creative in our solutions. We let anybody make a change to our code, and once it’s been peer reviewed, it gets deployed to production automatically,” said Bill O’Neill, Senior Software Engineer. “We can throw an idea out there, people can iterate over it, you can collaborate together even if you’re not in the same room.”

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