Thinkful is now offering their Fundamentals of Web Development course to Student Developer Pack members. As a student, you will receive two weeks of 1-on-1 mentorship from a professional software developer.

Thinkful joins the Student Developer Pack

Mentorship is at the core of a Thinkful education. Students who learn 1-on-1 with a mentor perform better than 98 percent of conventionally educated students. If you’re a computer science major looking to get industry-relevant web development skills, this program will help prepare you for the job search. Even if you’re not studying computer science, coding skills will give you a big edge in today’s job market.

The Fundamentals of Web Development curriculum will teach you:

  1. Structure and style with HTML and CSS
  2. Adding interactivity with jQuery
  3. Programming fundamentals in JavaScript
  4. AJAX and advanced jQuery

The Student Developer Pack gives students free access to the best developer tools from different technology companies like Stripe, Travis CI, and Unreal Engine. Now, with Thinkful included in the pack, it’s even easier for students to start building great products.

Students, get your pack.