We’ve rolled out several changes to our email notifications. Now you have more ways to filter your email notifications and each email will contain more information about why you received it.

image 2016-05-26 at 2 15 55 pm

The footer of every email now indicates why you’ve received a specific correspondence. It contains the same subscription reasons that are available on GitHub.com—for example, whether you or your team were directly mentioned.

If you no longer want to follow a thread, you can mute any new conversations directly from the email. (Note that this will only work for email clients configured to receive HTML emails).

Notification reason as the CC email address

image 2016-05-26 at 2 13 45 pm

In addition, the same notification reasons exist as a CC email address. This should help with labelling and filtering emails you receive for services like GMail and iCloud that don’t support filtering by our X-GitHub-Reason header.

Our Help documentation provides a full list of the subscription reasons.

We hope these changes enhance your email notification experience!