For two years, Electron has lowered the barrier to developing desktop applications—making it possible for developers to build cross-platform apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Now we’re excited to share a major milestone for Electron and for the community behind it. The release of Electron 1.0 is now available from

New to Electron? Electron is an open source framework that can help you build apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux. See how:

What’s new in Electron 1.0

Electron 1.0 comes with API stability and usability improvements, and makes it simpler than ever to explore and learn about Electron APIs with a new app, Electron API Demos. We’re also releasing and improving upon a couple tools that help developers along the way.

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Built on Electron

In just the last year, we’ve seen 1.2 million downloads and a growing community of hundreds of developers, open source maintainers, and companies who use the framework as the foundation of their apps. They’ve built everything from email, chat, and Git apps to SQL analytics tools, torrent clients, and robots. Take a tour of even more Electron apps to see what’s possible.

Electron downloads

Electron 1.0 is the result of a community effort by hundreds of developers, building amazing things. Are you ready to build your first Electron app? Get started with our quick start guide—we can’t wait to see what you create.