There are no shortage of open source projects making an impact on our world, and we’ve been especially excited to see an increase in collaboration across the healthcare community. A few months ago we met a team at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center that is working to break down silos across cancer research by open sourcing their data and a tool called Oncoscape to visualize and interact with it. We thought the best way to introduce you to Oncoscape and the team behind it was through OctoTales, our video series about incredible companies using GitHub to work better together.

Meet Desert, Lisa, Jenny, and Eric, and discover what Oncoscape is all about.

“The project needs help at every level, from simple CSS improvements, to D3 refinements, to new interactive visualizations and extending all the way to novel challenging computational tasks, such as robust implementations of recently published computational biology algorithms”, says our friend Paul Shannon, the founding architect of Oncoscape. “Cancer researchers at Fred Hutch and around the world will welcome your contribution!”

If you’re inspired to help the Oncoscape team advance their goals, you can find out more in the project repository. They have detailed contributing guidelines, issues labeled Help Wanted, and even a contributions cheat sheet.

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